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2017 Mid-West futurity book.  To those of you that have called about missing information on pony listings and membership listings, we are aware of this. This is what happens when we are trying to put this booklet together the week before state fair because we do not get in ad information until the very last minute.  Starting in 2018, we are putting a deadline of April 1st on all ads for the futurity book. If we do not have enough ads, there will be no futurity book printed that year. We will start getting out the information on the 2018 futurity  book with the January 2018 futurity mailing, but it is up to you, the nominators and members to get your information in so we can get this put together and ready to go once we get all the pony nominations.


We switched printers for the 2017 booklet to someone closer as the company that has been doing the futurity book is approximately 2 1/2 hours away, and while it's easy to send all the information electronically, it was not always easy to get someone to pick up the finished booklets and bring them to the fair or get them to the secretary of Mid-West and we are trying to save the cost of shipping these booklets. It's hard to put together ads, the pony information, and get things proof read when you are down to the week before the fair, which is how things have worked out the last three years. That is the reason for the missing information in the 2017 booklet. All the necessary information on pony nominations, memberships is on the Mid-West computer and in deleting ads that did not go into the 2017 booklet and trying to shuffle around the necessary information, there were some things that did not get printed.  Simple as that.


If everyone wants the booklet printed each year, ads are going to have to be submitted by this April 1st deadline. Plenty of time to start getting your ad ready and remember, this is one of the few projects that brings in extra money for the organization. You can do your part to help out this effort by getting your ad in early in 2018 and the sooner we have the ads put together, it is much easier to add the pony nomination info and get the booklet printed earlier to be available at more events.

 Remember that Mid-West Hackney adds in an extra $2,000.00 each year ($500.00 per division) to the 4 and 5 year old jackpot classes to make the payouts even better. Any extra funds that are generated also go to help out with the fall sale to pay expenses and there is the cost of sending out futurity nomination forms (3 mailings each year) as well as any extra mailings for the LBS events, sales, etc. Memberships do not cover all this, so the futurity book is an excellent way to help with these costs.  Look for all the details in the first futurity mailing of the year in January 2018.  Help make the 2018 Mid-West futurity book one of the nicest ever!


Support the Mid-West Hackney Association!

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Mid-West Hackney Futurity
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