Weanling Stallion
1st--Late-Nite's Smart Money--Roger Lucas
2nd--Might's I'm All That--Mike Herron
3rd--Caribou Lou--Steve & Mary Smith
4th--Crushin It--Wm. & Linda Sanders
5th--Centurian's Enforcer LF--Dan & Leah Light
Weanling Mare
 1st--Northview's Stars & Stripes--Rick & Michelle Medd
2nd--Satan's Desire--Wm. & Linda Sanders
3rd--WW Special Illusion--Randy Wells
4th--Showtime's Vanessa LF--Dan & Leah Light
5th--Centurian's Glitter Lf--Dan & Leah Light
Amateur Unshod Weanling
1st--Buccaneer--Garry Brumm
2nd--King Kong--Alana Smith
3rd--Up Town Funk--Wm. & Linda Sanders
4th--Riverside Power Stroke--Duane Otto
5th--Railside Friday Night--Wilbur Otto
6th--Railside Special Moon--Wilbur Otto
7th--Anticipation's Rhapsody LF--Dan & Leah Light
Yearling Stallion/Gelding
1st--Centurian's Creation Lf--Dan & Leah Light
2nd--Mark's Attraction--Mike Herron
3rd--Superfreak--Steve & Mary Smith
4th--Buddy Boy BP--Steve Bennett
5th--Centurian's Perfection LF--Dan & Leah Light
6th--Railside Banner's Command--Wilbur Otto
Yearling Mare
1st--Regal's Princess Di LF--Dan & Leah Light
2nd--Fitz's Icon--Charles Fitzpatrick
3rd--Centurian's Carolina Lady LF--Dan & Leah Light
4th--Whippoorwill's Maggie Mae--John & Diane Owens
Two Year Old Stallion/Gelding
1st--Junior's First--Vern & Lynne Houston
2nd--Crown Royal's Country Doc--Debbie McKeown
3rd--Big Bang--Wm. & Linda Sanders
4th--Regal's Stargazer LF--Dan & Leah Light
5th--Railside Burgermeister--Wilbur Otto
Two Year Old Mare
1st--Knight's Electric Starlight--Steve Bennett
2nd--Fitz's Cheap Date--Charles Fitzpatrick
3rd--Regal's Miss Humdinger LF--Dan & Leah Light
 4th--Hot Blind Date--Ron Taapken
5th--Showstar's Cindy LF--Dan & Leah Light
Two Year Old Harness Pony
1st--Hawkeye's Legacy--Kevin & Cindy Ireland
2nd--Born To Be A Star--Vern & Lynne Houston
3rd--Anticipation's Emperor LF--Dan & Leah Light
4th--Showstar's Melissa LF--Dan & Leah Light
5th--Spotlight BP--Steve Bennett
Three Year Old Hackney Pony
1st--Justa Rascal--Lambert Junior Schut
2nd--Power Pro--Steve & Mary Smith
3rd--Romeo's Ishmael LF--Dan & Leah Light
4th--Shennanigan's Coed LF--Dan & Leah Light
Three Year Old Harness Pony
1st--Nookwood Abracadabra--Gary Porter, DVM
2nd--Crimson's Image LF--Golden Creek Farm
3rd--Red Viper--Mike Herron
4th--Late-Nite's My Thoughts--Lucas & Heath
5th--Dirty Looks--Andrew Lamps
6th--Regal's Creation Lf--Dan & Leah Light
7th--Regal's Alexandra LF--Dan & Leah Light
Three Year Old Roadster Pony
1st--Ginger Rogers--Lambert Junior Schut
2nd--Heartland Rain Rain Rain--Steve & Mary Smith
3rd--7-UP--Kevin & Cindy Ireland
4th--Legalese--Dr. Joe & Judy Lowry
5th--Regal's Cousin Vinny LF--Dan & Leah Light
6th--Hotsy Tedsy--Steve & Mary Smith
7th--Regal's African King LF--Dan & Leah Light
Three Year Old Pleasure Driving Pony
1st--Star Supreme Lady--Vern & Lynne Houston
2nd--Kalinda--Dr.Joe & Judy Lowry
3rd--Satan's Promise--Wm. & Linda Sanders
4th--Anticipation's Romeo LF--Dan & Leah Light
5th--Showstar's Isabella LF--Dan & Leah Light
Three Year Old Jackpot Country Pleasure Driving Pony
1st--Secret Pal--Lambert Junior Schut
2nd--Regal's Uncle Albert LF--Dan & Leah Light
4/5 Year Old Jackpot Hackney Pony 
1st--Regal's Leah Rae LF--Dan & Leah Light
4/5 Year Old Jackpot Harness Pony
1st--Radiant Doll--Susan Courtney
2nd--JRP's McBrass Ladd--Whitmer & Parkinson
3rd--Mr. Majestic--Steve Bennett
4th--Romeo's Capital Gains LF--Dan & Leah Light
4/5 Year Old Jackpot Pleasure Driving Pony
1st--Shenanigan's Rainmaker LF--Cumberland Mountain Equine
2nd--Prim Miss--Lambert Junior Schut
3rd--Romeo's Namesake LF--Dan & Leah Light
4th--Chosen Supreme Lady--Vern & Lynne Houston
5th--Northview's Master Chief--Rick & Michelle Medd
6th--Railside Ring My Chimes--Wilbur Otto
4/5 Year Old Jackpot Roadster Pony
1st--Silent Witness--Dr. Joe & Judy Lowry
2nd--Classical Star--Vern & Lynne Houston
3rd--Jimmy Stewart--Carolyn Helton
4th--Regal's Preferred Stock LF--Ron Taapken
5th--Regal's Desperado LF--Dan & Leah Light
6th--Fitz's Power Point--Paul & Sally Jo Briney
7th--Showstar's Command LF--Duane Otto
Junior Exhibitor Weanling Showmanship
1st--Caribou Lou--Drake Smith
2nd--Might's I'm All That--Isabelle Marquez

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