Weanling Stallion
1--Late-Nite's Look of Perfection--Bachman and Odegard
2--Imperial's Spotlight--M/M Phil Porter
3--Merrywill's True Blue--Paul Bakeman
4--Helluvah Surprise--Ray and Vern Houston
5--D.D.'s Fashion Model--David Dodds
 6--Carnation's Souvenir Supreme--David Britton
 7--C.L.S. Whammy's Dandy--County Line Stable
 8--Rare N' Radiant--Debbie Mulcunry
Weanling Mare
1--S.H. Joy Ride--Shale Hill Stable
2--Oh Marvelous--M/M Darrel Kolkman
3--Cockleburr's Honey Brown--Thomas Oxley
4--Merrywill's King's Crystal--Paul Bakeman
5--Carnation's Thriller--David Britton
6--No Regrets--Edward Wilson
7--So Delightful--David Dodds
8--Ms. Jean's Alpha--Jean Howell
Yearling Stallion/Gelding
1--Sky King--M/M Darrel Kolkman
2--Carnation's Commander--Warren and Helen Finkbine
3--Dun-Haven Highlight--Lee Dunn
4--Highlife Halo--Glenn Steinke
5--Expensive Hobby--Ed Jenner
6--Wild Encounter--Ray and Vern Houston
7--Lexington Swinger--Dr. R.E. Vermillion
8--Cockleburr's Imperial Royale--Moeller and Jennings
Yearling Mare
1--Pride's Cameo--Kennedy Pony Farm
2--Fashionation--M/M Kevin Ireland
3--Wild Promises--Ray and Vern Houston
4--De Lovely--M/M Darrel Kolkman
5--Bloody Mary--Strange and Wheatley
6--Carnation's Lovely Time--David Britton
7--My Irish Mist--Sandy and Felicia Mayhugh
8--Token's Pretty Please--Edward Wilson
Two Year Old Stallion/Gelding
1--Power Parade--Gib Marcucci
2--High Flyer's Ace of Diamonds--Debbie Cooper
3--Late-Nite's Anticipation--M/M Allan Lucas
4--Command Rhythm--Ray and Vern Houston
5--Elijah Blue--Strange and Wheatley
6--Merrywill's Go-Blue--Paul Bakeman
7--Canterbury Conqueror--Ken Frawley
8--Radiant Success--Debbie Mulcunry
Two Year Old Mare
1--Vykok's Fantasia--Jewell and Marcucci
2--Kilbro's Kasey--Tony Robinson
3--Sweet Honey--M/M Darrel Kolkman
4--Pride's Pandora--Kennedy Pony Farm
5--Highlife Little Doll--Glenn Steinke
6--Canterbury Crystal Chips--Ken Frawley
7--Gheez Loueez!--Ray and Vern Houston
8--Victory Celebration--Spencer and Rourke
Three Year Old Cobtail
1--Apollo's Tradition--Kennedy Pony Farm
2--Reedann's Undeniable--Mrs. James Wyatt
3--Reedann's Old English--Gib Marcucci
4--Reedann's Intriguing Lady--James Stober
5--Rhythm and Blues--Lynne Freeman
6--Reedann's Gypsy Rose--M/M Anthony McCarus
7--Air Force One--Dick Stockton
8--Lucifer's Stocking--Gale Bennett
Three Year Old Harness Pony
1--Late-Nite's Grand Event--M/M Allan Lucas
2--Chantree'--Robert Richards
3--E-Z Rhythm--Phillip Greenburg
4--Merrywill's Miss Liz--Paul Bakeman
5--High Flyer's Barbie Boy--J.D. Williams
6--Fancy's Delight--Ray and Marlene Houston
7--Green Acres April Showers--Edward Wilson
8--The Classic Gentleman--Suzanne Mills
Three Year Old Roadster Pony
1--Reedann's Old Spice--Marvin Kohler
2--So Marvelous--M/M Ron Pettit
3--Duke Elegant--Ron England
4--Justin's Pal--Jay Davis
5--Casey--Glenn Steinke
6--High Flyer's Starlite--M/M Anthony McCarus
7--After Hours Supremacy--M/M George Porter
8--Reedann's Andrea--M/M Rex Parkinson 

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