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Mid-West Hackney

Weanling Stallion
1--Catch The Spirit--Mrs. Robert Rowe
2--Rhythm's Mischief Maker--M/M Vern Houston
3--Heartland Magic--M/M Darrel Kolkman
4--Twin Willow's Raider--M/M Ed Wilson
5--Mark's First Addition--M/M Gib Marcucci
 6--High Horizon's Pistol Pete--M/M Ron Pettit
 7--S.H. Muncie--Shale Hill Stable
 8--S.H. Country Edition--Betty Snack
 Weanling Mare
1--T.W. Whisper Diamonds--M/M Ed Wilson
2--Late-Nite's Lady Petite--Late-Nite Farm
3--Mark's Lorrie Ann--M/M Gib Marcucci
4--Sparkling Miss--Jim Spurrier
5--S.H. The Fox In Sox--Shale Hill Stable
6--Jennifer's Jubilation--M/M Vern Houston
7--Mark's Lady In Black--M/M Gib Marcucci
8--Pony Vista's Modern Shadows--David Diemer
 Yearling Stallion/Gelding
1--Heartland Majestic King--M/M Darrel Kolkman
2--S.H. Karmel Korn--Betty Snack
3--Heir of Anticipation--Kildow Stable
4--Genesis--M/M Ed Wilson
5--After Hours Replica--Jerald Elmer
6--Reedann's Expectations--Beth and Craig Rowles
7--Royal Attraction--M/M Vern Houston
 8--American Flyer--Kennedy Pony Farm
 Yearling Mare
1--Heartland Adorable Miss--M/M Darrel Kolkman
2--Lady of Distinction--M/M Rudy Lewis
3--High Horizon's Elegant Miss--Jim Spurrier
 4--Kilbro's O-Gracious--Kildow Pony Farm
5--S.H. Mane Attraction--Shale Hill Stable
6--Helluvah Lady--M/M Vern Houston
7--Kilbro's So Appealing--Kildow Pony Farm
8--Dream Boy's Dainty Doris--M/M Virgil Cagle
Two Year Old Stallion/Gelding
1--Rising Star--M/M Vern Houston
2--Mr. Hawkeye--M/M Rudy Lewis
3--Sultan's Ransom--Kennedy Pony Farm
4--Cres-Or-Lar's Innovation--Kildow Pony Farm
5--Ollie North--M/M Patrick Kennedy
6--Fitz's Heir Apparent--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
7--Sultan's Venture--Jay Davis
 8--Imperial Status--M/M Robert Wagner
Two Year Old Mare
1--Fitz's Priceless Flair--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
2--S.H. Cookie Tin--Shale Hill Stable
3--Secret Society--Kennedy Pony Farm
4--Heartland Crystal--M/M Darrel Kolkman
5--Dun-Haven Flirtatious--M/M Alan Robson
6--Cres-Or-Lar's Lady Be Good--Jack Hughes
7--Highland Silhouette--Herschel Cunningham
8--Kenhurst More Color--M/M Patrick Kennedy
Two Year Old Harness Pony
1--Atta Boy--M/M Gib Marcucci
2--Mr. Hawkeye--M/M Rudy Lewis
3--Thyen's Rhythaire--M/M Herb Thyen
4--Sultan's Ransom--Kennedy Pony Farm
5--Kenhurst More Color--M/M Patrick Kennedy
6--Imperial Magic--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
7--Imperial Status--M/M Robert Wagner
8--High Life Director--Glenn Steinke
 Three Year Old Cobtail
1--Dun-Haven Decora--Lee Dunn
2--Late-Nite's My Turn--Late-Nite Farm
3--High Flyer's Lil Griff--Mike Herron
4--Nashville North--Kennedy Pony Farm
5--Cloverleaf's Spellbinder--Lydia Pederson
6--Merrywill's Taurus--Paul Bakeman 
7--Kilbro's Hot Attraction--Charles Livengood
Three Year Old Harness Pony
1--First Choice--Farris and Alice Craig
2--Kentuckiana--Golden Creek Farm
3--Sable Azure--Dr/M Joe Lowry
4--Sweet Liberty--Jeff McClean
5--Red Command--M/M Vern Houston 
6--Fitz's First Miss--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
7--Dun-Haven Wild Rose--Glenn Steinke
8--Dun-Haven Classic Edition--Glenn Steinke
Three Year Old Roadster Pony
1--Bold Spirit--M/M Gene Aaby
2--C.L.S. Meteor--Jeff McClean
3--My Captivation--M/M Darrel Kolkman
4--Classical Brass--Larry Schultz
5--Dun-Haven Rhythm Heir--Lambert Junior Schut
6--Thyen's Attraction--M/M Herb Thyen
7--Rave Revue--Dr/M Joe Lowry
8--Juliet's Fancy Dancer--David Worner

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