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Mid-West Hackney

Weanling Stallion
1--Late-Nite's Opening Act--Late-Nite Farm
2--Prized Possession--Jim Spurrier
3--Heartland Summer Wind--M/M Darrel Kolkman
4--Mr. Showbiz--Terry McKenzie
5--Mrk's Revelation--M/M Kevin Ireland
6--K&J's Deputy--M/M Kenneth Peterman
7--D.D's Victory Song--David Dodds
 8--S.H. Unplugged--Shale Hill Farm
 Weanling Mare
1--Twin Willow's Juliana--M/M Ed Wilson
2--Heartland Royal Lady--M/M Darrel Kolkman
3--Late-Nite's Rare Fragrance--Late-Nite Farm
4--D.J.'s Miss Jennifer--Donald Peach
5--Apollo's Eleganza--Terry McKenzie
6--K&J's Fine Crystal--M/M Kenneth Peterman
7--Mark's Soul Sister--M/M Kevin Ireland
 8--Twin Willow's Molly Malone--M/M Ed Wilson
Yearling Stallion/Gelding
1--K&J's Candy Man--Terry McKenzie
2--Heartland Triumphant King--M/M Darrel Kolkman
3--Truly Unique--Jim Spurrier
4--Rhythm's Mischief Maker--M/M Vern Houston
5--Amber's Tradition--Jeff and Charlene Peel
6--Intercessor--Ed and Ruth Wood
7--High Life Modernair--Glenn Steinke
8--After Hours Top Card--Alvin and Darlene Wise
Yearling Mare
1--T.W. Whisper Diamonds--M/M Ed Wilson
2--A Star Is Born--M/M Vern Houston
3--Heartland Glitter--M/M Darrel Kolkman
4--Kenhurst Ballet--M/M Ed Frickey
5--Just A Countess--Terry McKenzie
6--Mark's Lady In Black--High Gait Farm
7--Simply Irrestistable--M/M Pete Skinner
8--Kilbro's Oh My Mercy--Kildow Stable
Two Year Old Stallion/Gelding
1--The Sultan of Swing--M/M Kevin Ireland
2--Decision High Command--David Worner
3--Born To Show--Terry McKenzie
4--American Flyer--Kennedy Pony Farm
5--Heartland Majestic King--M/M Darrel Kolkman
6--Windwalker--Robert and Nancy Wagner
7--Classic Moment of Truth--Suzanne Mills
8--Heir of Anticipation--Kildow Pony Farm
Two Year Old Mare
1--Late-Nite's Illusion--Late-Nite Farm
2--Lady of Distinction--Sharon Lewis
3--Dun-Haven Aire of Elegance--Lambert Junior Schut
4--Kilbro's O'Gracious--Kildow Pony Farm
5--K&J's Colorado Rose--M/M Kenneth Peterman
6--Heartland Impressive--M/M Darrel Kolkman
7--S.H. Mane Attraction--Shale Hill Farm
8--My Yankee Rose--Jerald Elmer
Two Year Old Harness Pony
1--The Sultan of Swing--M/M Kevin Ireland
2--Born To Show--Terry McKenzie
3--Lady of Distinction--Sharon Lewis
4--Classic Moment of Truth--Suzanne Mills
5--Thyen's Fanfare--M/M Herb Thyen
6--Late-Nite's Double D--M/M Ray Moeller
7--D.D. Classic Contender--Clark and Dorr
8--My Yankee Rose--Jerald Elmer
Three Year Old Cobtail
1--Mr. Hawkeye--Sharon Lewis
2--Dun-Haven American Dream--James Benson
3--Pony Vista's Ebony Lace--David Diemer
4--Atta Boy--M/M Gib Marcucci
5--Late-Nite's Sure Flight--Ray Moeller
6--Apollo's Folly--Kennedy Pony Farm
7--Merrywill's April Love--Paul Bakeman
8--Imperial Status--Robert and Nancy Wagner
Three Year Old Harness Pony
1--Fitz's Priceless Flair--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
2--Diamond's Commander--Vernon Maddux
3--Thyen's Rhythmaire--M/M Herb Thyen
4--Heartland Simplicity--M/M Darrel Kolkman
5--Lloyds of London--Shirley Chartrand
6--Sultan's Ransom--Kennedy Pony Farm
7--Cres-Or-Lar's Skid Mark--Jared Lee
8--Spirited Rhythm--Rex Parkinson Stables
Three Year Old Roadster Pony
1--Cres-Or-Lar's Atari--Vernon Maddux
2--Bill Bailey--Dr. Alan Raun
3--Fast Forward--Leann Golden
4--So Fine--Golden Creek Farm
5--Fall Fashion--Steve Seils
6--Thyen's Special--M/M Herb Thyen
7--Dream Valley--Marvin Kehler
8--Sultan's Venture--Jay Davis

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