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Weanling Stallion
1--Twin Willow's McNamara--M/M Ed Wilson
2--Heartland Director--M/M Darrel Kolkman
3--Merrywill's Patent Stamped--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
4--Cadet's Shadpoke--M/M Janes Stober
5--Cat Power--M/M Vern Houston
 6--C.L.S. Elegant Spirit--County Line Stable
 7--Big Time Dream--Jerald Elmer
 8--K&J's Mr. Moonlite--M/M Kenneth Peterson
 Weanling Mare
1--Heartland Rain Song--M/M Darrel Kolkman
2--Late-Nite's April Dream--Late-Nite Farm
3--Fox Hill's First Lady--Larry Hann
4--K&J's Miss Liz--M/M Kenneth Peterman
5--Diamond's Miss Kristen--M/M Terry McKenzie
6--Cadenza's Mariah--M/M Dan Light
7--Sher-Lynn Sweet Dream--M/M Richard Molnar
Yearling Stallion/Gelding
1--K&J's American Dream--M/M David Worner
2--Twin Willow's All that Jazz--M/M Ed Wilson
3--Dun-Haven Radiant Spirit--Ted and Carol Hall
4--Heartland Captivator--M/M Darrel Kolkman
5--Carnation's Highly Explosive--Carnation Farms
6--A Step Ahead--Jim Spurrier
7--Rhythm's Royal Prince--M/M Vern Houston
8--J.B.'s Jerry Rose--M/M Howard Everline
Yearling Mare
1--High Life Eldora--M/M Glenn Steinke
2--Twin Willow's Unforgettable--Charles Bradshaw
3--Distinct Impression--M/M Larry Ella
4--Francine's Remember Me--M/M Dan Light
5--Late-Nite's Mae West--M/M Dan Light
Two Year Old Stallion/Gelding
1--Twin Willow's Night Editor--M/M Ed Wilson
2--Heartland Masterpiece--M/M Darrel Kolkman
3--Twin Willow's Broadway Joe--Charles Bradshaw
4--Wait & See's Silver Spirit--Don McCallister
5--Tiapan--Kennedy Pony Farm
6--Michigan's Regal Way--Matthew Taylor
7--Julie's Choice--Jack Highes
8--Desert Storm--M/M Walt Harwell
Two Year Old Mare
1--City Glitter--Kennedy Pony Farm
2--Twice As Nice--Jim Spurrier
3--Twin Willow's Nadine--M/M Ed Wilson
4--Rhythm's Wild Fancy--M/M Vern Houston
5--Wait and See's Keepsake--M/M Dan Light
6--Carnation's Miss Olympia--Jerald Elmer
7--Twin Oak Lonesome Dove--M/M Robert Johns
Two Year Old Harness Pony
1--Thyen's Dawn--M/M Herb Thyen
2--Fitz's Pattened Crystal--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
3--Mark VI 1st Edition--Roy Moeller
4--Rhythm's Precious One--Howard Haughaboo
5--High Life Fancy--M/M Glenn Steinke
Three Year Old Cobtail
1--Sure Enough--Rodney Root 
2--HCH Shear Energy--Danny Bielser
3--Fitz's Rare Spirit--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
4--Ocean View--Dr. Alan Raun
5--Hi-Vu Leading Man--Craig and Sarah Hanna
6--Heartland Innovation--M/M J.D. Williams
7--Strictly Taboo--Kennedy Pony Farm
8--Thyen's Magic--M/M Herb Thyen
Three Year Old Harness Pony
1--Fitz's Wild Orchid--Craig Farms
2--Heartland Excellence--M/M Darrel Kolkman
3--Amber Monogram--Billie Peel
4--Clear Title--Jimmy Miller
5--Frankly Awesome--Kildow Pony Farm
6--Sable--Lorye Shea Wells
7--Dun-Haven Realization--Rodney Root
8--Reedann's Tijuana Sparkle--Ted and Carol Hall
Three Year Old Roadster Pony
1--Dun-Haven Grandiose--Lambert Junior Schut
2--Playfum Spirit--M/M Dan Light
3--Knightwatch--M/M Ed Wilson
4--Joyful Hope--Kennedy Pony Farm
5--Victory's Star Trek--M/M Roger Kirkton
6--Radiant Sable--Calais Meadows
7--Apollo's Speciality--Ron England
8--Dun-Haven Desert Storm--James Benson
Three Year Old Pleasure Driving Pony
1--Pineview's Rocket--Jim Spurrier
2--Poinsettia's Centerpiece--Dr/M Joe Lowry
3--Thyen's Bunny--M/M Herb Thyen
4--Late-Nite's Just Right--Garry Brumm
5--Peddler's Copyright--M/M Mike Herron 

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