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Mid-West Hackney
Weanling Stallions
1--Heartland Wild Wind--M/M Darrel Kolkman
2--Vicarious Thrill--M/M Donald Swenson
3--Man On The Town--M/M Gib Marcucci
4--Heartland Wild Fire--M/M Darrel Kolkman
5--K&J's Smokin' Joe--M/M Kenneth Peterman
 6--Rhythm's Cool Cat--M/M Vern Houston
7--D.J.'s Stage Director--Don and Jerry Peach
8--Conqueror's Top Gun LF--M/M Dan Light
Weanling Mare
1--Fitz's Beyond Imagination--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
2--Heartland Awesome Blossom--M/M Darrel Kolkman
3--Twin Willow's Undeniable--M/M Ed Wilson
4--Heartland Impressive Miss--M/M Darrel Kolkman
5--Fitz's Vanity Fair--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
6--D.J's Peach's Delight--Don and Jerry Peach
7--Mastercraft's Treasure LF--M/M Dan Light
8--Sher-Lynn Slick Chick--Lynda Patton Molnar
Yearling Stallion/Gelding
1--Wonmore's Sharp Dress Man--Deane Lee Gutman
2--Heartland Bandelero--M/M Darrel Kolkman
3--J.B.'s Amadeus--Howard and J.B. Everline
4--Victory's Troublemaker--M/M Roger Kirkton
5--Kenhurst Impressive--Patrick Kennedy
6--Sultan's Last Swing--M/M Gib Marcucci 
7--Ragin' River --M/M Dan Light
8--D.S. Royal Anticipation--Gloria Ray
 Yearling Mare
1--Diamond's Lorilee--M/M Terry McKenzie
2--Heartland Beauty--M/M Darrel Kolkman
3--Merrywill's Fashion of '76--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
4--Our Sweet Inspiration--M/M Kevin Ireland
5--Prim & Proper--Jim Spurrier
6--Fox Hill's First Lady--M/M Ray Moeller
7--V.S. Spirit of Vistory--Ed and Ruth Wood
8--Remembrance--M/M Dan Light
Two Year Old Stallion/Gelding
1--Schockakahn--M/M Warren Finkbine
2--T.W. All that Jazz--M/M Ed Wilson
3--Dun-Haven Radiant Spirit--M/M Ted Hall
4--Fitz's Hard Copy--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
5--Heartland Captivator--Gayle and Viv Parker
6--Twin willow's Protégé--M/M Ed Wilson
7--K&J's Mystery Man--M/M Kenneth Peterman
8--Victory Stables Thunder--Ed and Ruth Wood 
Two Year Old Mare
1--Sultan's Silk Stockings--M/M Gib Marcucci
2--Heartland Ribbons and Roses--M/M Darrel Kolkman
3--Kilbro's Oh Oh--Kildow Stables
4--Misty Rose--M/M James Kirkham
5--Designed by Destinaire--M/M Patrick Kennedy
6--Lining's Cocca Cabana--M/M Dan Light
7--Bold and Beauty--Steve and Tami Shrock
8--Twin Oak Cameo--M/M Robert Johns
Two Year Old Harness Pony
1--Kenhurst Constantinople--Thomas Caisse
2--The Dutchman--Vermillion and Bittle
3--Dutch Directress--Vermillion and Bittle
4--Thyen's Extraordinaire--M/M Herb Thyen
5--J.B.'s Jerry Rose--Howard Everline
6--Amber Contender--M/M Rex Parkinson
7--Sentimental Swing--M/M Gib Marcucci
8--Fitz's Spin Master--M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
Three Year Old Cobtail
1--Heartland Candidate--M/M Darrel Kolkman
2--Sultan's Blue Rain--Cynthia Thompson
3--Heartland Showcase--M/M Dan Light
4--In A Heartbeat--Larry Schultz
5--Carnation's Stormin' Norman--Joy Harden
6--Sultan's Finality--Mrs. Julian Gregory
Three Year Old Harness Pony
1--Heartland King--M/M Darrel Kolkman
2--Dun-Haven Rhythm--S. Cochran and L. Gardinier
3--City Glitter--Kennedy Pony Farm
4--Song of India--M/M Gib Marcucci
5--Peddler's Tribute--M/M Mike Herron
6--Thyen's Dawn--M/M Herb Thyen
7--Rhythm's Flashdance--M/M Vern Houston
8--Dun-Haven Painted Passion--Frances Romero
Three Year Old Roadster Pony
1--The Bugle Boy--Rodney Root
2--Twin Willow's Broadway Joe--Wilson and Bradshaw
3--Thyen's High Time--M/M Herb Thyen
4--Rhythm's Mark of S.L.--Robert Mehling
5--Heartland Sparkle--M/M Darrel Kolkman
6--Merrywill's Ultra Fashion--Paul Bakeman
7--Toy Soldier--Larry Schultz
8--Peddler's Mystical Magic--M/M Mike Herron
Three Year Old Pleasure Driving Pony
1--Mr. Jack Daniels--Rodney Root
2--Fitz's Patented Crystal--Jerry Cummins
3--Wait & See's Keepsake--M/M Dan Light
4--Apache Princess--M/M Vern Houston
5--Kenhurst Rexless--M/M Patrick Kennedy
6--Fitz's Spirit of Fort Knox--Steve and Tami Shrock
7--Twin Oak Phoenix--M/M Robert Johns
8--Mark VI 1st Edition--M/M Ray Moeller

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