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Mid-West Hackney
Weanling Stallion
1st--Bounder's Imperial--Joe Stonebraker
2rd--Merrywill's Troubador--Paul Bakeman
3rd--Carnation's Big Time's The Duke--Sharon Lacefield
4th--Johnny Poppin'--Kennedy Pony Farm
5th--Troubador's Rendezvous--Roger Lucas
 6th--Reedann's Supreme Commander--Dr.Alan Raun
7th--Be High's Atlantis--Douglas Stanke
 8th--Cockleburr's Butler Brown--Thomas Oxley
Weanling Mare
1st--Precious--Rodney Root
2nd--Poppin's Paula--Kennedy Pony Farm
3rd--May Day Marie--Kennedy Pony Farm
4th--Reedann's Tess--Dr. Alan Raun
5th--Weathervane's Rhapsody--James Porter
6th--A Lovely Thought--Mr/Mrs Darrel Kolkman
7th--Carnation's big Time's Lady Supreme--David Britton
8th--Fashion's Fantasy--Zeno Nordwick
Yearling Stallion/Gelding
1st--Boulder's Jose'--Joe Stonebraker
2nd--Mark's Adventurer--Herschel Cunningham
3rd--Merrywill's Grand Knight--Paul Bakeman
4th--Prince's Replica--Mr/Mrs Kenneth Wheeler
5th--Shadrack--Dr. J.P. Cates
6th--A Sharp--Mr/Mrs Darrel Kolkman
7th--future Unlimited--Craig Lamps
8th--Ridgelieu's Noble Image--Loren Spesard
Yearling Mare
1st--Sweet Rhythm--Mr/Mrs Darrel Kolkman
2nd--Diamond Lil--Rodney Root
3rd--Knolland Glamour--Mr/Mrs Jack MacIntosh
4th--You Are Love--Glenn Steinke
5th--Poppin's Pride--Kennedy Pony Farm
6th--Royal Manor Delight--Lee Dunn
7th--Clover Leaf's Vivid--Lydia Pederson
8th--Reedann's Miss Independence--Dr. Alan Raun
Two Year Old Stallion/Gelding
1st--Poppin's Robin--Kennedy Pony Farm
2nd--Royal Manor Sultan--Mr/Mrs Darrel Kolkman
3rd--Melody's Major Decision--Bernard Bruening
4th--Reedann's Dauntless--Dr. Alan Raun
5th--Mark's Fascinator--Herschel Cunningham
6th--Lochburn Loch Lomond--Leslie Robison
Two Year Old Mare
1st--Apollo's Moonblossom--Kennedy Pony Farm
2nd--Fancy Ways--Mr/Mrs Darrel Kolkman
3rd--Reedann's Little Flirt--Ron Johnston
4th--Prince's Nice N'Easy--Mr/Mrs Kenneth Wheeler
5th--May Day Melody--Mr/Mrs Larry Burford
6th--Reedann's Taffy--Dr. Alan Raun
7th--Lornador's Minuet--Mr/Mrs William Sanders
Three Year Old Cobtail
1st--Clover Leaf's Czarina--Lydia Pederson
2nd--Topaz--Kennedy Pony Farm
3rd--Reedann's Viking--Anna Lee Spires Judd
4th--Reedann's Reigate--Dr. Alan Raun
5th--Hi-Vu Devil Doll--Anna Lee Spires Judd
6th--Melody's Commander--Mr/Mrs William Sanders
Three Year Old Harness Pony
1st--Cherry's Best Girl--Costello's Holiday Farms
2nd--Holiday's Sweet Sue--Courtney Husband
3rd--May Day Dividend--Kennedy Pony Farm
4th--Rhythm's Serenade--Mae and Wathan Wright
5th--Reedann's Desert Fox--Dr. Alan Raun
6th--Royal Manor Spring Song--Strunks Stable
7th--Dun-Haven Sweet Sensation--Charles Miller
Three Year Old Roadster Pony
1st--Reedann's Painted Rose--Martin Batte
2nd--Lochburn Perfection--A.H. Freeburg
3rd--Leroy Brown--Craig Distributing Co.
4th--Reedann's Little Mermaid--Anna Lee Spires Judd
5th--Ridgelieu's Flashing Beauty--Loran Spesard

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