Weanling Stallion
1st--Heartland Rainmaker--Darrel and Sandy Kolkman
2nd--Mark's Attraction--Mike Herron
3rd--Late-Nite's Cash The Check--Lucas/Cagle
4th--Mister Impressive--Spurrier/Ahrens
5th--Heartland Rain Dreamer--Darrel and Sandy Kolkman
 6th--Centurian's Perfection LF--Dan Light
 7th--Shenanigan's Legacy LF--Dan Light
 8th--Railside Banner's Command--Eli Otto
Weanling Mare
1st--Miss Radiance--Spurrier/Ahrens
2nd--Check My Style--Lucas/Wells
3rd--Katniss--Vonel Curran
4th--Regal's Nastasia LF--Dan Light
5th--Northview's Belle Amie--Rick/Michelle Medd
6th--Fitz's Icon--Charles Fitzpatrick
7th--Regal's Amigo Angel LF--Dan Light
Amateur Unshod Weanling
1st--Heartland Army of One--Darrel/Sandy Kolkman
2nd--Let's Go--Andrew Lamps
3rd--Super Freak--Steve/Mary Smith
4th--Railside Holiday's Mist--Eli Otto
5th--Regal's Top Choice LF--Dan Light
6th--Sweet Little Watermelon--Clif Paulsen
7th--Riverside Southern Whiskey--Duane Otto
Yearling Stallion/Gelding
1st--Hi Popper--Spurrier/Ahrens
2nd--Hawkeye's Legacy--Kevin/Cindy Ireland
3rd--Centurian's Emperor LF--Dan Light
4th--BLF First Choice--Burt Keefer
5th--Who Ha--Jerald Elmer
6th--Big Bang--Bill/Linda Sanders
7th--Railside Burgermeister--Eli Otto
8th--Regal's Big Easy LF--Dan Light
Yearling Mare
1st--Alexis Texas--Jerald Elmer
2nd--WW Skylark--Randy Wells
3rd--Fitz's Cheap Date--Charles Fitzpatrick
4th--Regal's Jenny Lee LF--Dan Light
5th--Southern Magic Moment--Dwayne Yozamp
6th--Railside Ihop--Eli Otto
7th--Riverside Abby--Duane Otto
Two Year Old Stallion/Gelding
1st--Nookwood Abracadabra--Gary Porter, DVM
2nd--X-Treme Impression--Spurrier/Ahrens
3rd--Powerpro--Steve Bennett
4th--Fitz's Do It Now--Charles Fitzpatrick
5th--Regal's Creation LF--Dan Light
6th--Revolution--Bill/Linda Sanders
Two Year Old Mare
1st--Miss Impressive--Spurrier/Ahrens
2nd--Satan's Promise--Bill/Linda Sanders
3rd--Late-Nite's All Jazzed Up--Lucas/Wells
4th--Shenanigan's Coed LF--Dan Light
5th--Fitz's Who's Your Daddy--Bill/Linda Sanders
6th--Romeo's Country Girl LF--Dan Light 
Two Year Old Harness Pony
1st--Romeo's Ishmail LF--Dan Light
2nd--Hotsy Tedsy--Steve/Mary Smith
3rd--Yankee Sport--Jerald Elmer
Three Year Old Cobtail
1st--Romeo's Radiance LF--Dan Light
2nd--Romeo's Namesake LF--Dan Light
Three Year Old Harness Pony
1st--Romeo's Pretty Lady LF--Golden Creek Farm
2nd--Mr. Majestic--Steve Bennett
3rd--Tiny Star--Vern Houston
4th--Crown Royal's Rising Star--Debbie McKeown
5th--Regal's Diana LF--Dan Light
Three Year Old Roadster Pony
1st--Prime Time's Choice--Dan Light
2nd--Classical Star--Vern Houston
3rd--Mighty Cougar--Mike Herron
4th--Regal Ray--Jerald Elmer
5th--Showstar's Prime Choice LF--Dan Light 
6th--Material Witness--Joe Lowry, DVM/ Judy Lowry
Three Year Old Pleasure Pony
1st--Chosen Supreme Lady--Vern Houston
2nd--Going Places--Burt Keefer
3rd--Shenanigan's Rainmaker LF--Dan Light
4th--Mastercraft's Bandolero LF--Dan Light
Three Year Old Jackpot Country Pleasure Driving
1st--Showstar's Commander Lf--Dan Light
4/5 Year Old Jackpot Cobtail
1st--Regal's Leah Rae LF--Dan Light
2nd--Hot Stormy Night--Steve/Mary Smith
3rd--Heartland Winning Colors--Stacy Hupfeld
4/5 Year Old Jackpot Harness Pony
1st--JRP's McBrass Lass--Whitmer/Parkinson
4/5 Year Old Jackpot Roadster Pony
1st--Regal's Overnight Express--Rick Wallen
2nd--Heartland Thundercrackin--Beth Jones
3rd--Silent Witness--Joe Lowry, DVM/Judy Lowry
4th--Fitz's Power Point--Paul/Sally Jo Briney
4/5 Year Old Jackpot Pleasure Driving
1st--Showstar's Big Chief LF--Lisa Antelik
2nd--Priority Pride--Jerald Elmer
3rd--Northview's Master Chief--Rick/Michelle Medd
4th--Romeo's Capital Gain LF--Dan Light
Junior Exhibitor Weanling
1st--Heartland Rain Maker--Shayla Seils 

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