2013 Mid-West Hackney Futurity Results
Weanling Stallion
1.  Late-Nite's Show Me The Money--Lucas and Heath
2. Heartland Freestyle--Darrel and Sandy Kolkman
3. Who Ha--Jerry Elmer
4. Centurians Name Sake LF--Dan Light
5. Unnamed- Bill and Linda Sanders
6. Bugatti--Vonel Curran
7. Red Solo Cup--Andrew Lamps
8. Unnamed--Wilbur Otto

Weanling Mare
1. WW Skylark--Randy Wells
2. Heartland Sweet Surrender--Darrel and Sandy Kolkman
3. Heartland Cinderella Story--Darrel and Sandy Kolkman
4. Diamond's Hawkeye Treasure--Ruth McKenzie
5. Midnight Princess--Jerry Elmer
6. I'm Enchanted LF--Dan Light
7. Regal's Miss Humdinger LF--Dan Light
8. Unnamed--Dwayne Yozamp

Amateur Unshod Weanling
1. Heartland Cravin Ravin--Darrel and Sandy Kolkman
2. Alexus Texas--Jerry Elmer
3. Fitz's Heartbreaker--Charles Fitzpatrick
4. Riverside Abby--Duane Otto
5. The Hot Chick--Steve and Mary Smith
6. Railside IHop--Wilbur Otto
7. Railside High Note--Wilbur Otto
8. A Cool Rockstar--Karen Wood

Yearling Stallion/Gelding
1. Nuttin But Fancy--Jim Spurrie
2. Revolution--Bill and Linda Sanders
3. Showstar's Jake Daniel LF--Dan Light
4. Fitz's Do It Now--Charles Fitzpatrick
5. Romeo's Ishmael LF--Dan Light
6. Spent My Fortune--Karen Wood
7. Railside Blue King--Wilbur Otto

Yearling Mare
1. Miss Impressive--Jim Spurrier
2. Fitz's Who's Your Daddy--Charles Fitzpatrick
3. Shenanigan's Coed LF--Dan Light
4. Magical Charm--Jerry Elmer
5. Railside Flying Pansy--Wilbur Otto

Two Year Old Stallion/Gelding
1. Truly Chosen--Jim Spurrier
2. Kilbro's Brigadeioros--Kildow Stable
3. Shenanigan's Rainmaker LF--Dan Light
4. Fox's Red Rhythm--Jerry Fox
5. Riverside Thunderstruck--Duane Otto
6. Billy Eliot--Kevin and Cindy Ireland

Two Year Old Mare
1. Radiant Doll--Jim Spurrier
2. Nookwood Prudence--Brett Hoerr, DVM
3. Romeo's Radiance LF--Dan Light
4. Regal's Little Sister LF--Dan Light
5. Railside Inspiration--Wilbur Otto

Two Year Old Harness Pony
1. Mr. Majestic--Steve Bennett
2. Mastercraft's Revelation LF--Dan Light
3. Romeo's Pretty Lady LF--Dan Light

Three Year Old Hackney Pony
1. Kilbro's Irishman--Kildow Stable
2. Romeo's Highlander LF--Dan Light
3. Hot Stormy Night--Steve and Mary Smith
4. Regal's Easy Rhythm LF--Dan Light

Three Year Old Harness Pony
1. Regal's Leah Rae LF--Dan Light
2. JRP's McBrass Ladd--Vicki Whitmer
3. Whippoorwill's Heartbreaker--Luc Boileau
4. I'm Priscilla--Dr. Joe and Judy Lowry

Three Year Old Roadster Pony
1. Prime Thyme--Lamber Jr. Schut
2. Silent Witness--Dr. Joe and Judy Lowry
3. Regal's Leading Man LF--Dan Light
4. Cary Grant--Carolyn Helton
5. Showstar's Big Chief LF--Dan Light
6. Investigator's Rhapsody LF-Millie Crowley
7. Teirney--Mike and Kim Herron
8. Railside Joe Jo--Wilbur Otto

Three Year Old Pleasure Pony
1. Prim Miss--Lambert Jr. Schut
2. Kilbro's Uncle Louis--Kildow Stables
3. Mastercraft's Graduate LF--Dan Light
4. Regal's Preferred Stock LF--Dan Light
5. Investigator's Red Rose LF--Dan Light

Three Year Old Jackpot Country Pleasure Driving
1. Regal's Miss Jean LF--Dan Light
2. Romeo's Fallen Angel LF--Dan Light

Four and Five Year Old Jackpot Hackney Pony
1. Regal's African Queen LF--Dan Light
2. Regal's Bold Attraction LF--Dan Light
3. Heartland Winning Colors--Mark and Stacy Hupfeld

Four and Five Year Old Jackpot Harness Pony
1. Mastercraft's Legal Tender LF--Dan Light

Four and Five Year Old Jackpot Roadster Pony
1. Prim Rose--Lambert Jr. Schut
2. Regal's Overnight Express --Rick Wallen
3. Regal's Pauline LF--Dan Light
4. Royal First Lady--Fraser McKenzie
5. Crown Royal's Memorial Wonder--Debbie McKeown and Todd McNally
6. Due Process--Dr. Joe and Judy Lowry
7. Romeo's Prom Queen LF--Josh Greer

Four and Five Year Old Jackpot Pleasure Pony
1. Samuel Adams--Dr. Joe and Judy Lowry
2. Mixed Emotions--Ron and FranTaapken
3. Big Poppy--Mike and Kim Herron
4. Priority Crystal--Jerry Elmer
5. Romeo's Sorcerer LF--Dan Light

Junior Exhibitor Weanling Showmanship
1. Heartland  Sweet Surrender--Shayla Seils
2. Hot Blind Date--Drake Smith

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