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Mid-West Hackney

Weanling Stallion
1. D Rose,  Andrew Lamps
2. Tabu, Gib Marcucci
3. Diamond's Boogie Woogie Man,  Ruth McKenzie
4. Late-Nite's What An Impact,  Lucas and Heath
5. Priority Commotion,  Jerry Elmer
6. My Chosen One,  Spurrier and Ahrens
7. Showstar's Film Magnate LF,  Dan/Leah Light
8. Investigator's Top Gun LF,  Dan/Leah Light

Weanling Mare:
1. Romeo's Pretty Lady LF,  Dan/Leah Light
2. Northview's Almost There, Rick/Michelle Medd
3. Fitz's Domino, Charles/Barbara Fitzpatrick
4. Extremist's Mariah,  Spurrier and Ahrens
5. Showstar's Queen LF,  Dan/Leah Light
6. Priority Jewel,  Jerry Elmer

Amateur Unshod Weanling:
1. Romeo's Namesake LF,  Dan/Leah Light
2. Regal Ray,  Jerry Elmer
3. High Brass,  Karen Wood
4. Northview's April Showers,  Rick/Michelle Medd
5. Riverside Thunderstruck,  Duane Otto
6. Midland's Split Decision,  Darlene Horner
7. Crimson's Hollywood Dude LF,  Dan/Leah Light
8. Railside Inspiration,  Wilbur Otto

Yearling Stallion/Gelding:
1. Hot Stormy Night,  Steve/Mary Smith
2. Railside Joe Jo,  Wilbur Otto
3. Whippoorwill's Heartbreaker,  John/Diane Owens
4. Romeo's Dividend LF,  Dan/Leah Light
5. Flash Bang,  Karen Wood
6. Flying First Class,  Karen Wood
7. Regal's Fortune Maker LF,  Dan/Leah Light

Yearling Mare:
1. Extremely A Starina,  Spurrier and Ahrens
2. Regal's Glamour Girl LF,  Dan/Leah Light
3. Regal's Miss Jean LF,  Dan/Leah Light
4. Captured Moment,  Karen Wood

Two Year Old Stallion/Gelding:
1. Royal Impressive,  Mike/Carol Want
2. CLS The Dark Knight,  County Line Stable
3. Regal's Bold Attraction LF,   Dan/Leah Light
4. Investigator's Mark LF,  Dan/Leah Light

Two Year Old Mare:
1. Priority Crystal,  Jerry Elmer
2. Regal's Miss Lucille LF,  Dan/Leah Light
3. Regal's Humdinger LF,  Dan/Leah Light

Two Year Old Harness Pony:
1. Regal's Majesty LF,  Dan/Leah Light
2 .Regal's African Queen LF,   Dan/Leah Light
3. Barbie Doll,  Steve Bennett

Three Year Old Hackney Pony:
1. Jericho,  Vern/Lynne Houston
2. Secret Agent LF,  Dan/Leah Light
3. Night Train LF,  Dan/Leah Light
4. Karla's Souvenir,  John/Diane Owens

Three Year Old Harness Pony:
1. Heartland Demonstrator,   James/Misdee Miller
2. Mastercraft's Politician LF,  Dan/Leah Light
3. Cecelia LF,  Dan/Leah Light
4. Whippoorwill's Rhythm & Jazz,  John/Diane Owens

Three Year Old Roadster Pony:
1. Regal's Pauline LF,   Dan/Leah Light
2. Due Process,  Dr. Joe/Judy Lowry
3. Royal First Lady,  Mary Gaylord-McClean
4. Chosen Lady,  Vern/Lynne Houston
5. Fitz's Emerald Isle,  Charles/Barbara Fitzpatrick
6. Tiger LF,  Dan/Leah Light
7. Regal's Sensation LF,  Dan/Leah Light
8. Extremely A Jewel,  Richard Pavel

Three Year Old Pleasure Driving:
1. Buckle Up,  Mike/Kim Herron
2. Crown Royal's Memorial Wonder,  Vern/Lynne Houston
3. Romeo's Kristy Ann LF,  Dan/Leah Light
4. Samuel Adams,  Dr.Joe/Judy Lowry
5. Heartland Brass Tacks,  Denise Johnson
6. Mixed Emotions,  Ron/Fran Taapken
7. Fitz's Captain Magic,  Charles/Barbara Fitzpatrick
8. Mastercraft's Miss Anita LF,  Dan/Leah Light

Three Year Old Jackpot Country Pleasure Driving:
1. Romeo's Johnny Walker LF,  Dan/Leah Light
2. Romeo's Speculator LF,  Dan/Leah Light

Jackpot 4/5 Year Old Hackney:
1. Crown Royal's Well Chosen,  Vern/Lynne Houston
2. CLS High Voltage,  County Line Stable

Jackpot 4/5 Year Old Harness Pony:
1. Spunky Brewster,  Mark/Stacy Hupfeld
2. Making Waves,  Larry Schultz
3. Extremely Grand,  Steve Bennett

Jackpot 4/5 Year Old Roadster Pony:
1. Regal's Dream Boy LF,  Dan/Leah Light
2. Designed By A Lady,  Vern/Lynne Houston
3. Regal's Prime Rate LF,  High Spirits Farm
4. Kole Ben,  Lambert Jr. Schut
5. JM's Legacy,  Thomas Paulsen
6. Whippoorwill's High Definition,  John/Diane Owens
7. Jury's Out, Dr. Joe/Judy Lowry

Jackpot 4/.5 Year Old Pleasure Driving:
1. Forever and Ever,  High Spirits Farm
2. Absolutely Sweet,  Carolyn Helton
3. Lorrie Ann, Greg MacLeod
4. Northview's Lighthouse, Rick/Michelle Medd

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