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Mid-West Hackney

Results of the 2005 Mid-West Hackney Futurity Classes.

Mid-West Hackney Junior Exhibitor Weanling Class
1st--Heartland Star of the Stage,  Shae Seils,  M/M Darrel Kolkman
2nd-Northview's Son House, Dalton Medd,  M/M Rick Medd
3rd-CLS Wild Rose, Damon Smith,  M/M George Smith
4th-Bristolwood Final Edition, Duke and Dawson Smith, M/M Steve Smith
Mid-West Hackney Futurity Weanling Stallion
1st--Heartland Star of the Stage, M/M Darrel Kolkman
2nd-Tanglewood's Almost Illegal, Todd Gordon
3rd-Romeo's Real Deal LF, M/M Dan Light
4th-Unnamed Stallion, M/M Steve Shrock
5th-Northview's Son House, M/M Rick Medd
6th-Take Notice LF, M/M Dan Light
7th-Regal's Top Star, M/M Dan Light
8th-Bristolwood Final Edition, M/M Steve Smith
Mid-West Hackney Futurity Weanling Mare
1st--Enchanted Lady, M/M Kevin Ireland
2nd-Extremely So Special, Spurrier and Ahrens
3rd-Fitz's Bottom Line,  M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
4th-Crown Royal's Queen B, Debbie McKeown
5th-Regal's Carmelita LF,  M/M Dan Light
6th-Northview's Willow, M/M Rick Medd
7th-Romeo's Sweet Thing LF, M/M Dan Light
8th-CLS Wild Rose, M/M George Smith
Mid-West Hackney Futurity Yearling Stallion/Gelding
1st--Romeo's Top Secret LF,  M/M Dan Light
2nd-Prince of Design, M/M Vern Houston
3rd-X-Tremely special,  Spurrier and Ahrens
4th-Fitz's What A Guy,  M/M James Yonker
5th-Walnut Meadow's Crown Prince,  M/M Earl Horton
6th-Double Ought,   Karen Wood
7th-Regal Razzle Dazzle,  Ingham Pony Farm
Mid-West Hackney Futurity Yearling Mare
1st--Fitz's Lady in Red,  M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
2nd-Regal's Finesse LF, M/M Dan Light
3rd-Regal's Calypso LF, M/M Dan Light
4th-Regal's Empress LF, M/M Dan Light
5th-Fox's Supreme Jewel, Jerry Fox
6th-Pardon Me Boys,  Karen Wood
Mid-West Hackney Futurity Two Year Old Stallion/Geldi
1st--Unique's Spirit,  Bonnie Lee Terese
2nd-Regal's Top Gun LF, M/M Dan Light
3rd-CLS Lataest Thing, M/M George Smith
4th-The Sliver Screen Cowboy,  Karen Wood
Mid-West Hackney Futurity Two Year Old Mare
1st--Fox's Elegance,  Jerry Fox
2nd-Regal's Special Effort LF,  M/M Dan Light
3rd-Regal's Unique Sapphire LF, M/M Dan Light
4th-Yankee Commander,  Jerry Elmer
Mid-West Hackney Futurity Two Year Old Harness
1st--Impressive Star,  Glenn Werry Jr.
2nd-Extreme Supreme,  Muffy Ernster
3rd-Regal's Cadenza LF,  M/M Dan Light
4th-Bristolwood Expressionaire,  Mike Herron
Mid-West Hackney Futurity 3 Year Old Hackney
1st--Romeo's Angela Jo LF,  M/M Dan Light
2nd-Fitz's Cinnibar,  M/M Charles Fitzpatrick
3rd-Regal's Mysterious Stranger LF,  M/M Dan Light
4th- Regal's Mirage LF,  Jerry Elmer
5th-Extremely Classy,  Spurrier and Ahrens
Mid-West Hackney Futurity 3 Year Old Harness
1st--Unique Presentation,  M/M Kevin Ireland
2nd-Front Page News,  Larry Schultz
3rd-Regal's Pride LF, M/M Dan Light
4th-Fitz's Phantom,  M/M James Yonker
5th-Truly Double Trouble,  M/M Steve Shrock
6th-Back Alley Sally,  Jerry Elmer
Mid-West Hackney Futurity 3 Year Old Roadster
1st--Kingsley Acclamation,  M/M Lambert Schut Jr.
2nd-Bristolwood Charismatic,  M/M Steve Smith
3rd-Regal's Star Attraction LF, M/M Dan Light
4th-Fire Lord,  M/M Vern Houston
5th-Regal's Pandora LF,  M/M Dan Light
6th-Eye of the Tiger,  Dr/Mrs. Joe Lowry
7th-Truly An Asset,  Dr. Alan Raun
8th-Honest Joe,  Rodney Root
Mid-West Hackney Futurity 3 Year Old Pleasure Driving
1st--Daddy Oh,  M/M Gib Marcucci
2nd-Mastercraft's Namesake LF,  M/M Dan Light
3rd-Work In Progress, M/M Vern Houston
4th-Liberty Wallace, Dr./Mrs Joe Lowry
5th-Romeo's Brigadeer General LF,  M/M Dan Light

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