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Mid-West Hackney

Amateur Unshod Weanling
1. Regal's Opening Night LF,   Dan/Leah Light
2. CLS The Dark  Knight,  County Line Stable
3. Heartland Summer Rain,  Darrel/Sandy Kolkman
4. Dancing To The Music,  Dwayne Yozamp
5. Priority Honey,  Jerry Elmer
6. CLS Easter Lily,  County Line Stables
7. Northview's O Masterful One,  Rick/Michelle Medd
Junior Exhibitor Weanling Showmanship
1. Heartland Cassandra,  Shae Seils
2. Heartland Winning Colors,  Shayla Seils
3. CLS Easter Lily,  Damon Smith
Weanling Stallion
1. Heartland Winning Colors,  Darrel/Sandy Kolkman
2. Showstar's Souvenir LF,  Dan/Leah Light
3. Truly Disguised,  Dr. Alan Raun
4. Northview's Master Con,  Rick/Michelle Medd
5. King's Big Shot,  Dwayne Yozamp
Weanling Mare
1. Stargazer's Francine LF,  Dan/Leah Light
2. Priority Crystal,  Jerry Elmer
3. Late-Nite's Priceless Jewel,  Roger Lucas
4. Heartland Cassandra,  Darrel/Sandy Kolkman
5. Glamir Girl,  Catherine Whitaker
Yearling Stallion/Gelding
1. Extremely Cocky,  Spurrier and Ahrens
2. Prince Charming LF,  Dan/Leah Light
3. Mastercraft's Forecaster LF,  Dan/Leah Light
4. King's Last Edition,  Dwayne Yozamp
Yearling Mare
1. X-Tremely Hot Class,  Spurrier and Ahrens
2. Kilbro's Mia,  Kildow Pony Farm
3. Fitz's Emerald Isle,  Charles/Barbara Fitzpatrick
4. Satin Filly LF,  Dan/Leah Light
5. Extremely A Jewel,  Williams and Pavel
6. Queen's Royal Beauty, Joshua & Sarah Law
2 Year Old Stallion/Gelding
1. Charmed Masterpiece,  Spurrier and Ahrens
2. Kilbro's Johnny Angel, Kildow Pony Farm
3. Regal's Auctioneer LF,  Dan/Leah Light
4. Fitz's Brown Sugar,  Charles/Barbara Fitzpatrick
5. Regal's Promoter LF,  Dan/Leah Light
6. Craycroft Romulus,  Mark Hyatt
7. CLS High Voltage,  County Line Stables
2 Year Old Mare
1. Magic Scene,  Jerry Elmer
2. Fitz's Hot Date,  Charles/Barbara Fitzpatrick
3. Regal's Pzazz LF,  Dan/Leah Light
4. Highly Radiant LF,  Dan/Leah Light
5. Kilbro's Krafty Lou,  Andrew Lamps
2 Year Old Harness Pony
1. Lorrie Ann,  Gib Marcucci
2. Romeo's Patricia Jean LF,  Dan/Leah Light
3. JM's Legacy,  Bob/Vicki Whitmer
4. Fitz's Wind Walker,  Charles/Barbara Fitzpatrick
5. Tipsy Gypsy,  Jerry Elmer
3 Year Old Hackney Pony
1. Si Senor,  Gib Marcucci
2. Heartland Seal The Deal,  Darrel/Sandy Kolkman
3.Regal's Crusader LF,  Dan/Leah Light
3 Year Old Harness Pony
1. Kilbro's Major Impact,  Kildow Pony Farm
2. Grace Bay,  Larry Schultz
3. Midnite Passion,  Jerry Elmer
4. Making Waves,  Larry Schultz
5. Mastercraft's Impression LF,  Dan/Leah Light
6. HCH Prime Time,  Gary Haugen
7. Regal's Lucky Lady LF,  Dan/Leah Light
3 Year Old Roadster Pony
1. Heartland Dressed To Impress,  Darrel/Sandy Kolkman
2. Designed By A Lady,  Vern/Lynne Houston
3. Regal's Dream Boy LF,  Dan/Leah Light
4. Regal's Wild Card LF,  Dan/Leah Light
5. Doc Holiday,  Mike Herron
6. Bay Of Roses,  Dr. Joe/Judy Lowry
3 Year Old Pleasure Driving
1. Romeo's Expectation LF,  Dan/Leah Light
2. Late-Nite's Miss Priss,  Roger Lucas
3. Priority Princess,  Jerry Elmer
4. Absolutely Sweet,  Carolyn Helton
5. Regal's High Power LF,  Dan/Leah Light
4/5 Year Old Jackpot Hackney Pony
1. Lovie Smith,  Muffy Ernster
2. Prince of Design,  Vern Houston
3. Priority Force,  Jerry Elmer
4. Circumstancial Evidence,  Dr. Joe/Judy Lowry
4/5 Year Old Jackpot Harness Pony
1. Regal's Norma Jean LF,  Stephany Monteleone
2. Image of Sophistication,  Perry/Sally Grieme
3. Estoban,  High Spirits Farm
4/5 Year Old Roadster Pony
1. Jersey Joe,  Jerry Elmer
2. Regal's High Roller LF,  Dan/Leah Light
3. Happy Trails,  Larry Schultz
4. Kilbro's Peppermint Twist,  Kildow Pony Farm
5. Regal's Top Star LF,  Vern/Lynne Houston
6. Mighty Boomerang,  Mike Herron
7. Regal Razzle Dazzle,  Ingham Pony Farm
4/5 Year Old Jackpot Pleasure Driving
1. I'm In Heaven,  High Spirits Farm
2. Romeo's Exclamation Mark LF,  Stephany Monteleone
3. Velvet King,  Dr. Alan Raun
4. Kilbro's Fitch, Mark/Stacy Hupfeld
5. Northview's Ambrosia,  Rick/Michelle Medd
6. Fox's Fonzie,  Jerry Fox
7. Agent Cody Banks,  Jeff/Tina Law

Mid-West Hackney.  Where it pays to raise and show Hackney Ponies!

For Further Information
Please contact:
Mid-West Hackney Futurity
29314  2200 N. Ave.
LaMoille, Illinois  61330
Email: asb10@earthlink.net